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  • Swiss Grand Cru Drinking Chocolate - Dark


Swiss Grand Cru Drinking Chocolate - Dark

1 lb - Switzerland

This drinking chocolate has become a ChefShop house favorite. If you like hot chocolate and are always disappointed when you make a cup from powdered mix, then this drinking chocolate will change your life! 

It’s easy to make a decadent demitasse cup and you’ll get delicious results using heavy cream, milk, oat milk or even skim milk. 

Grand Cru drinking chocolate is premium, created by the Swiss from primo Venezuelan cocoa beans, and will never disappoint! 

Chocolate was consumed solely as a beverage – and a bitter drink it was – by the Central and South Americans, and this practice continued for centuries after Spanish explorers brought it back to Europe. 

When the Dutch developed a process to remove the cocoa butter from the beans, the result was a smoother, darker cocoa powder and the use of cocoa greatly expanded beyond just a beverage. 

This chocolate is top grade, a product steeped in history, and whatever milk you choose, it is guaranteed to be divine!


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Superb as a drink, superb as a gift
This order was for my sister. I'll be restocking for myself and guests this Fall.
by Jim Kennicott
The website suggestion does not lie. I drinking chocolate that will change you hot chocolate experience. So good. Follow the directions. Relax. Enjoy.
by Tania