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  • Stringozzi Pasta with Lemon


Stringozzi Pasta with Lemon

1 pound - Umbria, Italy

Stringozzi pasta, an Umbrian specialty, is a long flat/rectangular noodle, known for resembling shoelaces, stringhe in Italian. This pasta is infused with lemon and a wonderful pair with lemon olive oil. Often paired with local black truffles or a hearty red sauce. 

A story in the making for thousands of years. A number so large that, when it relates to our life today, it is hard to put it in perspective. The history of pasta, like many foods, is clouded with stories that are passed from generation to generation. Clarity on this issue, like pasta water, gets cloudier over time... not clearer. 

The ancient Etruscans inhabited Etruria, the area known today as Tuscany, Latium, Emilia-Romagna and Umbria, in central Italy. Some 2400 years ago, the Etruscans of Etruria started to create flat noodles made of farro. 

Imagine that every Sunday in the kitchen, the matriarch of the family would create Stringozzi, a long, narrow, flat, squared-edged noodle for la famiglia. With a careful hand, she would create a figure-eight pile of noodles to eat on Sunday - as well as for the rest of the week.