• Strawberry Charlotte with Rose Biscuits Cake Recipe


Pink Biscuits for Charlotte and Champagne, Celebrate!

When trying, testing, creating a recipe (in this case, a very old recipe) it is intimidating because you never know what the outcome will be. And, with a recipe with such a history, you want to do it justice!

This recipe is all about using Pink Champagne Biscuits in a simple way that is festive and easy to do.

Charlotte aux Fraises aux Biscuits Roses de Reims
Strawberry Charlotte Cake with Rose Biscuits Recipe
serves 6

75 g of water (1/3 of a cup)

25 g of sugar (2 tablespoons)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

24 Fossier Rose Biscuits (2 boxes)

250 g of liquid cream (1 cup of heavy cream 35% fat or more whipped)

1 sachet of vanilla sugar (2 teaspoons)

125 g of fromage blanc (1/2 cup of loose white cheese or creme fraiche) fromage blanc is creme fraiche made with milk.

250 g of strawberries (14 plus strawberries)

Charlotte mold 18cm in diameter (or a 7 and 1/8th inch diameter tall straight sided dish/pan)


#1: Warm the water and sugar to dissolve the sugar

#2: Add the vanilla extract, set aside to cool.

#3: Whip the cream with the vanilla sugar and then gently incorporate the fromage blanc.

#4: Break apart the biscuits. (you can trim the biscuits to have clean edges if you so desire)

#5: Lightly dip the biscuits on the unsweetened side in the syrup. (Or you can skip the sugar syrup and use a sweet Champagne) Then "garnish" your dish with biscuits flat on the bottom and standing up on the sides, sugar side out.

#6: Pour (spoon) half the liquid cream (whipped cream) into the mold. Cut the strawberries and cover the cream.

#7: Crush remaining biscuits to crumbs and sprinkle over cream and strawberries.

#8: Cover the strawberries with the remaining cream and chill in refrigerator for at least 12 hours. The cream and cheese need to set up together.

#9: Top the Charlotte with strawberries, cut and serve with a semi-sweet Champagne.