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  • Stonegrindz Single Origin Madagascar 70-Percent Dark Chocolate Bar


Stonegrindz Single Origin Ambanja Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

57 gram bar - Scottsdale, AZ

Silver (Americas): 2021 International Chocolate Awards for Dark Chocolate Bars

A unique single-origin chocolate with notes of citrus and caramel. Bejof Estate, located in Ambanja, Madagascar, is one of the only fair-trade, organically-grown, cacao bean farms in Africa. The beans used in this bar are sun-dried quickly, locking in the acidity resulting in an intense flavor.

Ella's Tasting Notes: The melt is quick, rapidly releasing a series of unique and intense flavors. First is rich cocoa powder with hints of tropical fruits followed by a series of red berry notes, paricularly boysenberry and strawberry. Then dark sugars enter to create a rich caramel flavor that acts as a backdrop to a medley of zesty citrus notes.  The citrus is joined by floral honey undertones that lead to a finish of chocolate caramel. The bar is full of a series of vibrant flavors that will wake up your pallet.

ingredients:  cacao, cacao butter, cane sugar