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  • Stonegrindz Crystallized Ginger 55-Percent Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar


Stonegrindz Crystallized Ginger 55% Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

57 gram bar - Scottsdale, AZ

A coconut milk chocolate infused with ginger and lemongrass, and topped with crystalized ginger pieces for some texture and ginger zing! Dairy free.

Gold (Americas): 2018 International Chocolate Awards for Milk Chocolate Bars

Winner: 2019 Good Food Award

This bar uses cacao beans from the Ucayali River region of Peru.  The chocolate has notes of mocha, caramel, roated nuts and dark cherry.  These innate flavors act as a perfecly balanced backdrop to the other flavors in this inclusion bar - like coconut, ginger and lemongrass. A touch of vanilla elevates the coconut flavor, while a pinch of sea salt enhances all the flavors.

The coconut milk chocolate melts quickly, rapidly releasing a series of flavors. Each bite is full of ginger flavor; that's is not suprising for unlike many other ginger inclusion bars, Stonegrindz uses not just candiend ginger pieces, but ground ginger and ginger oil. Add to that the scattering of soft, chewy candiend ginger thoughout, and you are assured to have a ginger-full experience with every piece.  At the same time, lemongrass joins - adding a tropical element to the ginger. These flavor notes come together, creating an exotic experience. Bite into a piece of ginger, and sweet zing momentarily rises to the front. The combination of flavors lingers long after the melt.

If you love ginger, this is your bar!

ingredients:  cacao, cacao butter, cane sugar, coconut, ginger, vanilla bean, ginger oil, lemongrass oil, sea salt