• Simple Iced Chai Recipe

Simple Iced Chai Recipe

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Simple Iced Chai


Chai, ice, cup, measuring cup with ounce markings. If you want more, double the quantities.

1 packet Jaipur Avenue Chai - any flavor - or 2 scoops from Barista pack

2 oz hot water

1  tablespoon sweetened condensed milk

4 ounces milk - any milk style liquid works - heavy cream is awesome though a little rich 

a cup filled with ice cubes


#1: In a measuring cup measure the hot water and add the Chai.

#2: Add the sweetened condensed milk and mix in completely.

#3: Pour over the ice in the cup.

#4: Using the same measuring cup, measure the 4 ounce of milk and pour over the ice in the cup.

#5: Mix when you are ready to drink.