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  • Sel Gris Grey salt M Hervy


Sel Gris Grey Salt from M Hervy

454 Grams (1 pound) - Brittany, France  

This is a wonderful "sel marin" marine salt, or a grey French sea salt (as compared to the white fleur de sel) from Brittany, home to some of the world's best sea salts. With a moist texture that beautifully evokes the ocean, this is a great finishing salt and an excellent way to bring out flavors of vegetables, meats, and more.

About the Producer

Unlike many salt farmers, or "paludiers," the Hervy family has chosen to remain independent rather than joining a marketing cooperative to sell their sel gris grey salt. In France, the family - mother, father, daughter, and two sons - sell at shows and roadside stands, but their U.S. sales have helped a great deal as well. The family owns two salt pond areas, and they consider their excellent quality French sea salt and resulting loyal clientele to be a result of their total control of the product.