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Salted Caramel Crumbles

3.5 oz jar - France

Salted Butter Caramel Crumbles!
Just about perfect to make your everyday great!

At first glance (and taste), these salted caramel crumbles are delicious! And then you wonder, what could they possibly be?

They are little crumbs of flavor—butter, caramel, salt, and a bit of crunchiness.

You know how when you have a hard, sticky toffee, and the initial "bite" is an enjoyable crunch and flavor? And then it gets all sticky, and you think your crowns are going to be sucked out of your teeth?

These salted butter caramel crumbles have all the good and none of the bad! Flavor, joy, and no worries are here!

Dip the tip of your spoon and get a great "hit" of sweet, caramel, buttery, and salty in one "shot."

Or top your hot chocolate or swirl into your coffee! For baking, add a little to your dough, top your cookies & cupcakes, your morning oatmeal, and add pizzazz to your next batch of brownies. There's no better dessert crumble topping than these salted caramel crumbles by Kitty Keller.

Go beyond pastry and think of adding this dessert crumble topping to your fruit or pumpkin pie (is pie pastry?). Sprinkle liberally on roasted fresh fall apples or a gorgeous yellow-orange squash!

From the first spoon tip to the last, these Salted Caramel Crumbles hit the spot for my mouthfeel!


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Impulse Turns to Compulsion
I picked up a jar on impulse while browsing the brick-and-mortar store in Seattle, not knowing what I’d do with it but intrigued. I started by adding it on top of some homemade “magic shell” I’d made with some fudge topping and coconut oil, sprinkling it on before the shell set on my ice cream and it was brilliant with the salty-sweet crunch and caramel depth. I then used it as part of a coating on some oatmeal cookies along with Demerara sugar, feuilletine flakes and flour de sel, for an inexplicable and lasting crispness that turned these cookies into a unique, legendary creation. Next was a simple sprinkle on top of yogurt with thawed frozen mangoes. I now have three jars on hand for my next inspiration and it’s become a favorite from
by Paul Rosenberg
Salted Caramel crumbles
I was given this product as a gift. After finishing the jar I loved it so much I ordered 6 more jars. I use it on all flavors of muffins. I recommend it highly
by Ann