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  • SOMA Dark Fire Dark Chocolate Bar


SOMA Dark Fire Dark Chocolate Bar

65 gram bar - Toronto, Canada

66% dark chocolate made with a blend of beans from Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Haiti and Peru. SOMA then adds chilis, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel and allspice.

Dark Fire Dark Chocolate

This is one exciting chocolate!

To the nose - As soon as you cut the package open you get the sweet smell of this luscious blend of dark chocolate, spices and chili peppers. The smell alone is worth this moment. What a whiff!

The Break - Is clean, a good musical snap.

1st Bite - Is soft to the teeth, gentle with assurance that it is good and good is to follow.

1st Melt - The chocolate easily melts, though it doesn't disappear, it hangs with you and the pepper pops in... flavor first and then a little spike of heat.

2nd Melt - To the mouth it only seems spicy as the chocolate clears and before that you can feel the heat in your throat. It is pretty fun.

Bite Away - This is where this chocolate shines. Bite and chew is a wow. As you bite, the chocolate melts perfectly, and the spices and the heat join in perfect harmony to create a chocolate song all within your senses. To most of us it had nice notes of heat. To all it was delicious and they were glad that they had a taste (even if the anti-hot ones might never have it again.)

For me, it was just perfect. The heat was just right. It is the combination of all the elements, all together in the mouth, that makes a jazzy tune that makes you pleased. It is like a gospel choir on fire that leaves you uplifted!

Ella's Tasting Notes: The first flavor to hit you is anise, with a hint of allspice, along with a fudgy chocolate undertone. The warm allspice marries well with the dark chocolate.  Cinnamon then enters the stage  ... then the fire rises.  The heat from the chilies comes on quickly; it's not an overpowering heat at all, but it's definitely spicy. As the melt continues, the ginger shines through, the heat subsides slightly, and the orange notes join with the cinnamon. All of these flavor notes are enhanced by the underlying flavor of the blended chocolate, which brings fruity, bright and earthy notes from its various origins.

ingredients: cocoa nibs, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, spices

may contain trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, soy and dairy.


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Perfect Spicy Chocolaty Combination
If you like spicy food and chocolate, this is a creative and refined take on the centuries-old tradition of combining chocolate, chili peppers and spices. It's one of my favorite spicy chocolate bars.
by Ella