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  • SOMA Abstract Science Dark Chocolate Bar


SOMA Abstract Science Dark Chocolate Bar

65 gram bar - Toronto, Canada

Dark chocolate with roasted cocoa nibs. This is a blended bar, using beans from at least 10 different origins.  SOMA doesn't list the origins for the cacao used, but SOMA has been doing blending for years now.

SOMA - Abstract Science Tasting notes:

To The Nose - Not exactly what you expect when you take a whiff. It has more flowery than just chocolate. Hard to describe.

The Break - A nice crisp snap

1st Bite - firm and you have to push

1st Melt - The melt first goes to the edges,  as the rich chocolate then wraps the tongue in a wonderful blanket of chocolate. It is complex and simple at the same time. At any given moment you might feel and taste something different.

2nd Melt - It is a truly enjoyable chocolate, in our testing group session everyone likes it, it melts nicely and dissapears with you sucking in your cheeks and tongue to get every last bit of chocolate.

Bite Away - It satisfyingly crunches away and then the chocolate expands into your mouth cavity it's a lite and filling chocolate. This is also when you get the crunch of the cocoa nibs which adds a touch of perfect dryness. 

What a good bar. Careful because you could eat it all in a moment! This is a chocolate bar you want. Complex, sophisticated and especially simple.

Ella's tasting notes: The underlying chocolate blend is rich with flickers of citrus and fruits, chocolate banana bread, rich dried fig, and subtle walnut liqueur. The nibs are more earthly and even a bit smoky. They add both unique flavor notes, and a textural contrast to the smooth chocolate.  The two complement each other, and this synergy elevates the bar and the nibs beyond their components individually; the combination creates additional flavor notes, elevating the dried fig and revealing a sweet nutty finish.

ingredients: cocoa nibs, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter

May contain trace amounts of peanutes, tree nuts, soy and dairy.