• Royal Palm Date Syrup
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Royal Palm Dates Syrup

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Royal Palm Date Syrup

The date in history is one of royalty. This 50 million year old fruit, phoenix dactylifera, also known as the bread of the desert, is naturally sweet and full of goodness.

Believed to be full of nutritional value to fight all the bad things in life. High in fiber, with not only benefits one would “regularly” expect, dates are also known to help in shaping things to come and keep your sugar levels from spiking.

High in antioxidants to protect your cells from free radicals, to fight off chronic worries of Alzheimers, diabetes and your heart.

In some studies they found that eating dates helped in natural child birth, from starting as expected, to shortening labor! At a minimum the natural sugar and calories keep your energy up.

And it has shown to remove plaques in brains. I am not sure what this means, but I expect it is good, though I haven’t figured it out, yet. Perhaps I should eat more dates and it will make me smarter?

Dates are a natural sweetener with a bit of a flavor. Dates biggest enemy, for those that are not used to the bite, is the gooeyness and the pit. And that’s where this date syrup comes into play. Easy to use or eat (a spoonful of date is the medicine that goes down), you can add date syrup as a topper to a squash soup, as a sweetener in places that call for sugar and in baking not just as sugar but as a sweet deep flavor.

This date syrup is easiest to pour and fits in-between molasses and cane syrup in strength of taste.