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Riseria Gazzani Pestle Milled Carnaroli Rice

500 gram bag - Verona, Italy

Riseria Gazzani est 1648

Carnaroli rice was created in 1945 as a cross between Vialone and a Japanese short grain and is considered by Victor and Marcella as the finest rice for making Risotto. Carnaroli is a plump grain enriched with starch. It is this starch that is released during the slow process of making risotto creating the rich creaminess, the signature of the dish. 

This Carnaroli rice comes from Riseria Gazzani. The rice is grown in a mixed sand soil that is submerged in the spring. Crop rotation happens every four years. 

The rice is milled the old fashion way using the same large 6 metre diameter water wheel to drive the 1648 mortar and pestles. This process creates one of the finest rices in the world. 

It is perfect for making risotto. No wonder that Giuliano Hazan, Marcella and Victors son, imports this rice for his cooking classes, as well as himself and his father!