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  • Pruneaux d' agen fourrés - Prunes from Agen stuffed with Prune Mousse


Pruneaux d' agen fourrés - Prunes from Agen stuffed with Prune Mousse

450 gram tin - France

Open the can and inhale the vapors from the top! Wow! The sweet smell of Agen rises into the tip of your olfactory organs. Even though they exist all year long, this time of year seems so special, and these prunes (and the other ones too) are one of the great treats of the season!

If you have never had prunes from Agen, prepare to be blown away! One of nature’s most amazing candies is here in time for the holidays!

The Agen prune, also known as the Prune d'Ente, is a variety of plum cultivated in the region around Agen, in southwestern France. The history of Agen prunes is intertwined with the cultivation of plums in the region and the development of the drying process that gives them their unique, incredible bite and joy they impart upon your buds.

The cultivation of plums in the region dates back to ancient times, even before the Roman era. The Gauls, who inhabited the region before the Roman conquest, are told to have been big plum eaters and planted many trees. The Romans, with their diet of fried food, processed meats, commercially baked goods, and other high-fat items, also loved prunes out of necessity.

Known for their agricultural expertise, the Romans further developed and refined plum cultivation techniques in the area of Agen.

The process of drying plums into prunes has also been around for a long time. Drying fruits was a common method of preservation in many ancient cultures, including the Romans. The Romans are believed to have spread the cultivation of plums across Europe.

As for Agen prunes specifically, the story becomes much clearer in the medieval period. In the 13th century, during the reign of Henry III, the monks of the Abbey of Clairac near Agen are credited with developing the method of sun-drying plums to create prunes. This method involved laying the plums out in the sun to dry, and it is similar to the traditional method still used today.

Over the centuries, the cultivation of plums and the production of prunes became increasingly associated with the region around Agen. The climate and soil conditions in this area are perfect for growing plums that could be dried into high-quality prunes. The Agen prune gained a reputation for its sweet flavor and dark color.

Today, Agen prunes are still produced using traditional methods, and the region around Agen remains a major center for prune cultivation. The name "Prune d'Ente" is protected by an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC), which designates that only prunes produced in the designated region and according to specific methods can bear the Agen prune name.


ingredients: Agen pitted prunes, prunes cream (prune pulp, glucose syrup, pectin, sugar, flavor: natural vanilla), sugar, stabalizer (E414 (gum arabic), preservative: E200 sorbic acid

Pruneaux d'Agen


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A decadent treat
These prunes are absolutely delicious, top quality, and worth the splurge. A luxurious, decadent treat!
by Brian
a fantastic treat
Had these for the first time last year and they were amazing. Looking forward to receiving my order this year as well. They are officially a yearly tradition in my house.
by Julia