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  • Primo Pan Foglie di Mais Crunchy Corn Cookies


Primo Pan Corn Cookies (Foglie di Mais)

250 gram bag - Battifollo, Italy


About Meliga

In the village of Battifollo, on the Cuneo side of the Ligurian Alps in Tuscany, the Biga family bakes small lots of their tantalizingly-flavored biscotti according to a traditional recipes. Primopan biscotti contain top-quality ingredients, including many locally-sourced eggs from small farms in the surrounding area, organic honey, raw cane sugar, and stoneground local wholegrain flours including organic buckwheat.


Plain wheat flour, butter, raw cane sugar, wholegrain stone-ground corn flour, eggs, baking powder, honey, vanilla, salt. (This products may contain traces of nuts)