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  • Ameixa d'Elvas Naturally Preserved DOP Green Gage Plums -Sugar Plums- Wooden Box


Ameixa d'Elvas Naturally Preserved DOP Green Gage Plums (Sugar Plums) - Wooden Box

320 grams - Portugal

ingredients: green gage plums, sugar

Like the way gummy worms want to be—sweet, delicious, with the perfect amount of chewiness, as in not too much. Sweet like fruit can be and with no clingy, teeth-grabbing pain that fake sugar imparts.

These amazing Natural Preserved Plums, Ameixa d’Elvas DOP, are the oldest sweets from the Alto Alentejo region in Portugal. The process, adapted from the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Consolacão in Elvas, involves cooking in copper pots, resting for at least 24 hours, and cooking again. Then, they mature for 2 months or more in a sugar syrup.

The result is these amazing sweetened plums.

Green Gage plums, also known simply as "Gage plums," are a variety of European plum (Prunus domestica). They are known for their small to medium-sized fruit, typically round or slightly oval in shape. Green Gage plums get their name from their green skin, which can vary in color from light green to yellowish-green when ripe. The flesh of the fruit is sweet, tender, and greenish-yellow in color.

These plums are prized for their exceptional flavor, often described as both sweet and slightly tart, with a unique, rich, and honeyed taste. They are considered one of the finest dessert plums and are often eaten fresh, used in preserves, jams, tarts, and pies, or even made into liqueurs.

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