• Peruvian Aji Amarillo Yellow Chili Flakes

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Peruvian Aji Amarillo Chili Flakes

1.23 oz jar - Peru

Scoville Heat Units: 15,000 to 30,000

Aji Amarillo Yellow Chili Flakes!

Yellow chili flakes. Also known as Kellu Uchu in Peru. (15,000 - 30,000 SHU) This yellow flake has some tingly in the top hairs of your nostrils.

There is a tiny hint, a poke, of citrus if you whiff closely. Great for soups and stir-fry, it is a good way to add a little heat to any dish without it blowing your head off.

The Aji Amarillo heat is good but doesn’t linger longer leaving you with a citrus pleasant feeling.

Fabulous heat that explodes the flavors in your mouth, without the total meltdown of your sensory system! The way hot should be!

These Peruvian chili’s are picked-at-their-peak and then carefully ground into flakes to retain their exquisite flavor and pungent qualities.