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  • Pecou Olive-like Black & Green Chocolate Covered Praline


Pecou Olive-like Black & Green-Colored Chocolate-Covered Praline


Black & Green Olives  are the fabulous imposter. They look like olives and taste like Wow! Roll one in over the bottom lip and close in. The first bite is chocolate and is quickly followed with a crunch of praline dead center. It’s good! Hold back from following quickly with another, and you can enjoy the subtle sugary of the center with the chocolate exterior.


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Chocolate and crunch!
These candies are delightful. First, the outer part is a delicious smooth and rich chocolate. The center is a crunchy hazelnut praline that complements that chocolate nicely. Another good thing is that the outer coating is wonderful, too. Too often the hard outer coatings for candies are either tasteless or too sweet. This one is really good. Lots of quality here!
by Alice Schwartz