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  • Pecou LiquiCroc Caramel Dragees


Pecou LiquiCroc Caramel Dragees

140 g
- France

Liquicroc Caramel Toffy is a sugar coated chocolate (cool!) with a liquid toffee inside! And even though you know the center is “loose” when you bite in, the reward is better than you can possibly imagine!

There is lots of crunch, (sugar shell?) with the toffee center swirling in around the chocolate to make an entertaining bite that is, well, sophisticated! You will spend some time enjoying it all! One satisfies, two is better!


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the first time i discovered these was years ago at a specialty chocolatier in santa fe. i told the owner i would marry him for these! i searched everywhere and finally found them with you. thank you chefshop for choosing the most unique and exquisite prodcuts. i would marry you too for these except you're in seattle and i'm not good with long distance relationships!
by suzanne
Terrific Chocolate and Caramel!
My husband and I love these candies. Just after you break through the sugar shell, you find this terrific liquid caramel/toffee center - rich, creamy and just wonderful. The only problem is that you really, really want another one! This is one of our favorite candies now. Highly recommended.
by Alice Schwartz