Pasta with with Pecorino and Black Pepper Recipe

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Spaghetti with Pecorino and Black Pepper


This is so easy, just 3 ingredients!

1 pound spaghetti

3 teaspoons tellicherry peppercorns

5 ounces or more grated Pecorino (about 1 1/2 cups). Use a box grater, a microplane type grater makes too thin a grate and will melt to quickly into blobs.


#1: Cook the pasta in a large pot with water salty as the sea. Cook the pasta to el dente.

#2: Toast peppercorns in a dry skillet over medium heat moving constantly until the start to jump and are fragrant. Place the pepper

#3: Place the peppercorns in a kitchen towel and crush with a heavy (cast iron) skillet to break the peppercorns into pieces.

#4: Reserve 1 cup pasta water and then drain the pasta.

#5: Add pasta to a warmed bowl and sprinkle the grated cheese over the pasta and toss. Add a sprinkle of pasta water as needed to ensure it is not too dry.

#6: Plate immediately and sprinkle pepper and additional cheese on top.