Pasta ala Carbonara Recipe


1 pound of long pasta. 

1/3 cup of Mama Lils Peppers and oil

4 cloves hardneck garlic minced with a fork 

2 large eggs

1/2 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano

Fresh ground black pepper

Large flake sea salt

1/4 cup pine nuts or if no pine nuts bacon crumbled

Minced parsley


Pasta ala Carbonara for 2 Recipe
A spice twist on a classic recipe using Mama Lils Peppers based on Michael Natkins video, fabulous website and cookbook Herbavoracious. 

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This quick to prepare dish is delish, easy to do and with great ingredients makes dinner new.

1) Boil water and cook the pasta

2) Place large skillet over medium heat add peppers and 1 tablespoons of oil from the jar.

3) As the oil & pepper warm up add the garlic and simmer the heat

4) In a bowl large enough to be able to turn the all of the pasta and whisk the eggs.

5) Add the parmgiano-reggiano to the eggs and mix in

6) Pull al dente pasta, drain and toss with the peppers, oil and garlic. Turn up the heat and coat the pasta, about a minute

7) Pour the entire skilet into the egg bowl and toss immediatly. The goal is to coat the pasta, not make eggs.

8) Plate and top with a pinch of salt flakes, pepper and parsley.