Pasta ala Carbonara


Pasta ala Carbonara for 2 Recipe
A spice twist on a classic recipe using Mama Lils Peppers based on Michael Natkins video, fabulous website and cookbook Herbavoracious. 

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This quick to prepare dish is delish, easy to do and with great ingredients makes dinner new.

1 pound of long pasta. Bucatino is perfect with its hollow center.
1/3 cup of Mama Lils Peppers and oil
4 cloves hardneck garlic minced with a fork 
2 large eggs
1/2 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano
Fresh ground black pepper
Large flake sea salt
1/4 cup pine nuts or if no pine nuts bacon crumbled
Minced parsley

1) Boil water and cook the pasta

2) Place large skillet over medium heat add peppers and 1 tablespoons of oil from the jar.

3) As the oil & pepper warm up add the garlic and simmer the heat

4) In a bowl large enough to be able to turn the all of the pasta and whisk the eggs.

5) Add the parmgiano-reggiano to the eggs and mix in

6) Pull al dente pasta, drain and toss with the peppers, oil and garlic. Turn up the heat and coat the pasta, about a minute

7) Pour the entire skilet into the egg bowl and toss immediatly. The goal is to coat the pasta, not make eggs.

8) Plate and top with a pinch of salt flakes, pepper and parsley.