Italian Panettone

Mark Your Calendars! It's time to Party at the annual Taste-of-the-Cakes for three days!

Just after Thanksgiving, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we open all the cakes to sample and taste!

And it's not just the Panettone we sample out. Stollen, Plum Pudding, and the Amazing Red Box Torrone.

And of course chocolate, hot chocolate and the secretive Cleopatra's Pearls!

And if the Hot Chocolate and Indian Chai don't wet your whistle then we have an Italian espresso for you.

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The Party Is on and Your Invited

Part details and parking info below. Panettone begins with a “starter” yeast at least 60 years old & taking weeks to make, your Panettone is a special artisan holiday treat!

The 15th Annual Party Celebrating with you! Thanks!

Thanksgiving Weekend 10AM to 6PM everyday.

Friday the 25th of November,

Saturday the 26th

Sunday the 27th

Click here to check out some of our holiday treats!
Holiday Store Hours

Monday thru Saturday 10AM to 6PM.
Sunday Noon to 4PM
Come Visit! Sample just about everything!
1425 Elliott Ave W
Seattle, Wa 98119

Did you know that we have TWO parking lots?
The big one is easy to park in and only 99 steps from our front door. Click here to see the map. Come taste it's worth the walk! Free Zebra with purchase. Some chickens too. Just ask about the zebra bank!