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  • Ortiz Yellowfin Tuna - Atun Claro (jar)
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Organic Oriz Yellowfin Tuna - Atun Claro (jar)


7.76 oz - Spain - Kosher (see large image)

Yellowfin tuna is known as Atun Claro in Spain and is some of the most flavorful tuna you will ever taste.

These beautiful loin segments of Atun Claro are packed in extra-virgin olive oil and hand-cut from yellowfin caught on the dense tuna banks off the coast of Basque Country. The fishing boats of Ortiz, a premier name in seafood packing, capture the fish using traditional methods, which respects the environment to produce dolphin safe tuna while also preserving many other marine species.

The solid flesh of the yellowfin tuna is richer in fats than albacore. This has two results: the meat is darker - pink to reddish - and has a moister texture and richer flavor. Ortiz packs this tuna in extra virgin olive oil - which just gets richer with time.

Currently not certified kosher.