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Pimenton el Madrono - Sweet Spanish Paprika

70 gram tin - Spain

While the luscious red peppers of the La Vera microclimate of Spain's Extremadura region get all the press, especially the smoky paprika that they create, the other regions of Spain have some mighty delicious peppers of their own.

Pimenton el Madrono is made from the same prized Ñora pepper, but it is not smoked like its cousin from La Vera. The peppers are hand-picked sun-dried and stone ground. the pimenton has a brighter, livelier flavor on the tongue with a touch of sweetness - it is brighter even than Hungarian Paprika.

This flavor goes particularly well with chicken and seafood, indeed it is the preferred paprika for the regional specialty paella. But why not start of with something simpler, a free-range chicken coated with a mixture of olive oil, sweet Pimenton, and sea salt, and the roasted in the oven - now, that's our definition of heaven.