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Organic Granulated Garlic

3 oz Packet - Egypt

Organic Garlic

Sure a real fresh garlic head broken off into cloves and diced, smashed or chopped is wonderful. And in certain situations nothing beats fresh.

And other times, garlic powder works great. Not all garlic powder is equal. Some are great and some not so much.

And then there are these Granulated Organic Garlic bits. Not really a powder, these little, tiny pieces have their place in your pantry and in your dishes. 

They don't dissolve on contact and they need to cook or get moisture to release their inner beauty .... the beauty of these morsels of garlic really shines when you fry them in a little oil. Or top a steak, or simply add them to a tomato-based pasta sauce. Think garlic crunchies when making fried anything like chicken.

I have come to rely on these little guys to brighten up a dish or two. Bring flavor, bring garlic, brighten up.

Like garlic powder, only more course -- closer to a finely ground salt.  Same great garlic flavor.