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Organic Black Mustard Seeds

2 oz bag - India

Black Mustard
Whole Seeds!

The little black seeds (Brassica nigra) are hard when you roll them around with your fingertips and in your mouth. When you bite they collapse like a hollow basketball or ping pong ball.

Each seed varies in intensity of flavor with the tip of the tongue telling you ‘mustard’. These tiny little black seeds pack a punch. Black is not nearly as bitter as white/yellow and brown seeds and is more earthy in flavor.

Once the most popular mustard seeds, Brassica nigra must be hand harvested because the pods fall off when they are ripe. Yellow and brown can be harvested mechanically and are more readily available.

The enzyme myrosin is what gives mustard its mustard flavor and it is “excited” by the submersing of the seeds in a water-based liquid. Using wine, beer, vinegar or even soy sauce can make unique and exciting mustards.

Keep in mind that you can justify eating a ton of mustard for it has a long list of possible side effects. Including heal and “fix” conditions like eliminating intestinal parasites, bronchial issues, flatulence, bladder issues and soaking your feet in a bath to promote circulation.

Make your own beer mustard, or fry them in a little oil and add to a sauce. These little guys pack a flavorful punch!