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Oregon Growers Northwest Peach Jam - 12 oz jar - Oregon

Peach Jam
from the Northwest!

We love our peaches here in the northwest. Peach-o-rama is a big deal and a great peach is a real treat. The number of varieties has grown over the few last years (nothing like Georgia with their 40 plus varieties) and we look forward to having, different peaches, debating which one is best, is best defined by crunch, juiciness, flavor or by how easy the flesh comes free from the pit.

Sadly peaches are mostly done here.

And this is where this jam comes in.

This jelly like fruit spread is peach in color, soft and sticky. It is sweet for sure and has the hint of peach in it. With a bit of texture. It is more peach when in use than straight off the spoon. It goes will with a nice dry thin toast over butter.

Without big chunks of peach it is less defined, but if you like peach things and can't stand those marmalade style chunks of peach then this just might be the right one for you. It could be your jam.