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Okuizumo Rose Garden Rose Syrup

4 oz bottle - Japan

Not all roses are created equal! Rose syrup is not rose water!

Sahime, pronounced SAH-hee-meh, is an amazing rose with large thick petals, deep red color and a full rich sweet fragrance that is high in nutrients.

Atsushi Fukuma developed this particular strain of rose to be exceptional for use in food production.

The rose has a long history of being used for medicinal practices. For instance when rose petals are soaked in water the water is used as a salve. It is also believed that the rose has wonderful digestive properties.

To make this rose syrup they combine the beet sugar from Hokkaido and the essence of boiling down the petals. The result is this amazing elixir.

Even before you pull the ring to open the top, you can smell the sweet rose inside.

ingredients: beet sugar, rose, rose extract, citric acid


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