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Made just for us by our secret maker, it’s the original recipe with our very own twist.


About the cut of ribs:

The short plate is the portion of the steer just below the rib primal - ribeye steaks and prime rib area - and it is the source of "short ribs." These are rectangular sandwiches of richly flavored meat and bone, interlaced with just the right amount of fat. Short ribs are taken from the sixth through tenth ribs. They're typically cut into portions about 3 inches thick across three bones, and they are usually slowly braised or barbecued low and slow.

But this traditional cut is too big to cook on a grill and emerge tender. So, these Maui Ribs have been cut thin - 1/4 to 3/8-inch thick - and marinated, resulting in an unbelievably juicy and flavorful grilling experience. This, of course, is the appeal of Maui Ribs. In simplest terms, it means more meat and less fat. (These are not plate short ribs.) (http://chefshop.com/Maui-Ribs--P6692.aspx)

The ribs come from Northwest-grown beef that are grass fed, and hormone and anti-biotic free.

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