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More Than Gourmet Graisse de Canard - Rendered Duck Fat - 12 oz
Duck Fat
More Than Gourmet Graisse de Canard
Some believe that this is the healthiest fat. Let's face it, when it's called fat it can't be too healthy for you. Take lard for instance, it's fat melted down and called lard. Now, lard is not the best sounding name. In fact, it sounds heavy and a bit unappealing. But when you find out it's good for you, heart healthy, you go, "yeah, that makes sense".

Fat on the other hand is, well, fat. Plain and simple fat sounds like F A T.

  Now that we have that out, the real truth is that duck fat is one good fat, a lot closer to goodness for you than say, canola/vegetable oil, or any of those GMO hydrogenated oils. And it tastes spectacular!

  Think potatoes fried in a fat that has a lot of character. Use it in place of butter when rubbing your chicken for the grill, adding to your morning scramble (eggs) and it is divine in a warmed vinaigrette! This duck fat must be good for you!

Here it is: rendered duck fat. And in a brilliant package - you can have fabulous flavor with none of the mess. European chefs have used this for centuries, and with good reason!

Classic rendered duck fat is perfect for confits and for adding another level to sautés. Its high flash point and lower cholesterol make Graisse de Canard Gold more versatile than simple butter or other cooking fats. Try it for your hash browns, cottage fries or oven roasted potatoes. Mmm....

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Tasty and convenient
Duck fat is a luxurious enhancement to many simple dishes. Frites never tasted better. Brussels sprouts sautéed in duck fat are a true treat. Having duck fat already rendered and ready makes it easy to prepare duck confit. I like to keep this treat around so it is handy when needed. It has a long shelf-life unopened and stays fresh for a long time when refrigerated.
by Stanley