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  • Marshalls Red Chili Lime Haute Sauce


Marshall's Red Chili Lime Haute Sauce - 8 oz jar - Portland, OR

My lips are tingling, my upper lip is sweating and the back of my neck is too....

The pleasant orange color almost misleads you that it might be a nice citrus marmalade. Your olfactory tells you something else. Some heat and flavor is coming your way.

Perhaps the least complex, this one is hot, not killer hot though, and like the others it allows your body enjoy other flavors all the whilst heating it up.

In a sense this one is the one to add for pure heat without adding a twist. I can't quite tell, but it might be the hottest. My head is telling me so....

ingredients: tomatoes, red chili pepper, onion, lime juice, rice viengar, garlic, sugar, honey, sea salt