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  • Lummi Island Wild Smoked Keta Salmon - Pouch
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Lummi Island Wild Smoked Keta Salmon - Pouch

3.5 oz pouch - Lummi Island, Washington

ingredients: keta salmon, sea salt, non-GMO brown sugar, hardwood smoke

Keta Salmon scientific name is Oncorhynchus keta, and has also been called chum. A salmon with lighter flesh color than the more familiar than the King and Sockeye is just as delicious, just different.

Less salmon’ee in flavor, it has good body and texture. Keta salmon spend 3 t0 4 years in the ocean before returning to the freshwater of their home to spawn.

This salmon is delicious not because it has the same flavor characteristics of a sockeye or a king but because as a fish it is quite delicious. When it comes out of the pouch it is soft and supple, the layers are flaky and the fork easily separates the body and the bite will delight

Perfect for a late night snack when no one else is around so you don’t have to share or take it on a exclusive picnic by yourself or with one other.

This is a nice piece of fish. The added bonus is that it is shelf stable, perfect for taking it in the RV or on a camping trip. Keep a pouch in the glove box or your backpack ready at the next craving!