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Le Bon Magot Carrot and Fruit Conserve with Coriander and Jaggery

7.6 oz jar - New York

Carrot and Fruit Conserve
with Coriander and Jaggery

To the nose, this fruit and carrot relish (a conserve) makes your nostrils pucker right up! And it is so intriguing that you go for another sniff and twisty twinge. It's that good!

To the mouth, it is full of the familiar and full of unknowns.

To the eye, the carrots - in strips - you can recognize by shape; everything else is blended into the color and shapes are unrecognizable.

To the taste, it is a plethora of fun! This conserve has sweet 'n' buzz. It has a spicy side, a crunchy side, a soft side. Every bite is completely different.

This fruit and carrot relish is full of interesting notes, flavorful ones, in fact!

This mix conjures up many harmonious tunes with fruit, like a one note pear, on top of a dreamy cheese, perfect on grilled pork chops and it will sing with corn freshly sliced off the cob in nice strips.

The spoon does not lie and this is a total spoon worthy conserve!


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