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Lakrids Berries - Sea Buckthorn Chocolate Coated Licorice

125 gram jar - Denmark

This is a seasonal product - if we can get it, it comes in the Spring - sometimes in time for Easter.

Sea Buckthorn Flavored Chocolate Coated Licorice

It is Hippophae rhamnoides, an evergreen shrub with leaves that are narrow and lanceolate with a silvery green look. Small fruits grow on the tree that are packed with healthy goodness. It is this color that makes these Lakrids standout.

The outer shell crumbles easily, the white chocolate smoothly collapses in a puff and the licorice bounces in. It is interesting to bite and chew. The chocolate and the orange color of the Sea Buckthorn is bright. The taste is much more subtle for the Sea Buckthorn to come through.

Lick the outside of these Lakrids Berries and you might get a hint of the Hippophae rhamnoides, but it is subtle and faint. Eat one and the combination of flavors all come out together.

It is as if the white chocolate lifts the Sea buckthorn up and moves it around. And then the licorice carries all the flavors out to the teeth and the combination comes alive in your molars. I like this one. It is fun to eat.