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  • La Trinquelinette Wild Blackberry - Mure Sauvage Jam


La Trinquelinette Wild Blackberry (Mure Sauvage) Jam

300 gram jar - France

La Trinquelinette Wild Blackberry
Mure Sauvage Jam!

Every time I get ready to taste a jam from La Tinquelinette I get excited!

When you first open this wild blackberry jam you notice right away the seeds of the blackberries sitting on top. Me not being a fan a of little seeds in my jam I am cautious with the first spoonful. Knowing that La Tinquelinette has not let me down before I dive in.

The first thing you notice is the flavor is blackberry, perhaps it is the wild blackberry flavor and with these hints of vanilla. It is wow.

For me it took two or three giant spoonfuls before I began to recognize that yes the seeds are there but nothing to worry about or to contend with.

With ingredients of just blackberry, brown sugar and agar agar it's really just a jam of, well, fruit. It is delicious with just the right texture with a smooth lumpiness that resembles tapioca.

I'm loving this jam.

I originally thought and have now confirmed this, while this jam on a piece of toast will be jamming, it seems even more perfect with your yogurt or cottage cheese and, of course, the morning oatmeal.

This jam has a presence that wants you to be creative in how you use it. And not just by the spoonful, by the big spoonful.

Chilled in the refrigerator and with a spoon it's refreshing and certainly better than a candy . Topped on vanilla ice cream would be perfection…

ingredients: Blackberries (55%), brown sugar, pectin

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