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La Trinquelinette Raspberry Jam

370 gram jar - France

Raspberry Jam
from La Trinquelinette

Even from a small distance when you first pop and draw the lid away, you smell the distinct raspberry jam waft your way. Raspberry jam really has a distinct scent. Certainly all raspberry jams have that familiar childhood PB&J sandwich thing going on.

To the eye, inside the jar you see the little bumps of raspberry drupelets and the sprinkling of white seeds.

The flavor is all raspberry. Sweetened with brown sugar, the sweetness is more pronounced with this jam than with other flavors.

Though a sandwich might not be what you woke up thinking about today, this jam might inspire you to get out the saltines and make mini pb&j’s for lunch.

Some people love the little seeds from the raspberries and some do not. In this case there is no big machinery crushing the seeds here. They exist and are part of the charm of this amazing jam. A perfect balance between big commercial and limited edition jams.

Having one of each of the La Trinquelinette jams in your essential pantry is a stellar idea. They are all delicious, and each has a personality of its own!