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  • La Trinquelinette Bitter Orange Jam


La Trinquelinette Bitter Orange Jam

350 gram jar - France

La Trinquelinette Bitter Orange Jam
La Trinquelinette Bitter Orange Jam

With just two ingredients - fruit 55% and unrefined brown sugar 45%.

Open the jar with a satisfying pop, dip your spoon in, break the surface tension, releasing the gorgeous slivers of orange to the top.

You can separate the mouth feel into two parts. The jelly/jam and the bits of peel. If you chew a spoonful it all comes together just like you dream it would. If you suck and swirl the jelly separates from the slivers, some of which are so small that you can’t chew them.

I recommend just going for it and chewimg away. The bite is a wonderful combination of jelly and bits! What a joy!

All together a mouthful is fulfilling.

What enters the mouth is the sweet jelly jam filled with this orange citrus taste.

Then the flavor of the bitter orange grows and as it all disappears, you realize there is a bitter edge that evovles on the outside, in the cheeks.

It is quite wonderful. It is this leftover taste that reminds you the bitter orange has been there. Quite addictive …

What is bitter orange?

Bitter orange(Citrus aurantium) is also called sour orange; Seville (not Valencia), bigarade, is the tree and its fruit. Originally from China and/or Southeast Asia. There are now many varieties that have been spread across the world.

The fruit's essential oils are used for perfume and as a flavor agent in food.

It has also been used in herbal medicines because it contains synephrine which is similar to the herb ephedra which can suppress appetite. As a supplement in concentrated form, ephedra has been linked to severe reactions, including heart attacks and death.

Because of the use in pills, synephrine has been banned by the NCAA as a performance enhancing substance.

So don’t jam with this jam if you are competing.