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Kitchen Imp Organic Garam Masala Spice Blend

50 gram jar - Seattle

The literal translation of Garam Masala is hot and spice mix. Though hot may be the direct translation it really means warming of the core of the body. Garam Masala is about speeding up your metabolism.

Garam Masala has several origin stories. I like the one that Genghis Kahn and the Mongol Empire in the 13th century made it first. Though almost for sure this blend of spices was also being eaten in Northern India.

The variation of the mix of spices varies greatly, based upon location and the spices available. You can find Garam Masala with five, to as many as 30 spices in a single mix 

Ours here from Kitchen Imp has 5 ingredients. Simple and to the point. Flavorful without too much. Perfect for Tikka Masala.

Ingredients: Black pepper*, cumin, cardamon, cloves*, cinnamon*

All organic. * = Fair trade