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Kitchen Imp Organic Garam Masala Spice Blend

50 gram jar - Seattle

The literal translation of Garam Masala is "hot and spice mix." Though "hot" may be the direct translation, it really means warming the core of the body. Garam Masala is about speeding up your metabolism.

The exact origins of Garam Masala is unknown. For centuries it has been an integral part of Indian cooking and some believe that it was Genghis Khan’s favorite spice mix. (made that up)

The composition of Garam Masala can vary depending on the region and personal preferences. However, it typically consists of a blend of ground spices, carefully selected to create a harmonious flavor profile.

The variation in the mix of spices varies greatly, depending on the location and the spices available. You can find Garam Masala with anywhere from five to as many as 30 spices in a single mix.

The exact proportions and choice of spices can vary based on regional preferences and personal taste.

The beauty of Garam Masala lies in its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of dishes, including curries, stews, rice pilafs, and marinades, to add depth, warmth, and complexity of flavors.

Ingredients: Black pepper*, cumin, cardamon, cloves*, cinnamon*

All organic. * = Fair trade