• King Crab - Basic Recipe

King Crab - Basic Recipe

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Basic King Crab Recipe

How to Cook King Crab

1. First, chowing down on a live crab is better than chowing down on the pre-cooked frozen one. Keep in mind, most of the time you will find pre-cooked legs and realistically that may be the best choice. Second, cooking legs can be easier and also where the meat is. Cooking the whole crab needs a big pot. Though it looks great on the table.

2. Boil lots of water. Depending on the size of the crab, you will need a 5 gallon pot. A pot this size takes a while to heat so give it time. You may add salt to the water.

3. Some like to cook their crab live - which super heats all the guts you will have to clean out. Some clean their crabs on the boat by cracking them in half and removing the shells and guts. Cooking crab can be very smelly, so be prepared. You might want to cook it outside.

4. Drop crab into boiling water. It should take about 8 minutes for a medium size crab. King crabs may take longer.

5. While the crab is cooking melt some butter and garlic.

6. When the crab is done, pull it out of the pot and let it cool. Be careful because some of the juices inside the crab are boiling as well.

7. Crack the crab. If you don't have a crab cracker, pliers will work. With king crab, watch out for the spikes.

8. Dip crab meat in the garlic butter and enjoy.