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  • Kasama Chocolate Wallflower Gin and Juniper 70-Percent Barrel Aged Dark Bar


Kasama Chocolate Wallflower Gin and Juniper 70% Barrel Aged Dark Bar

55 gram bar - Vancouver, Canada

2019 International Chocolat Awards: Bronze in Americas Bean-to-Bar, Dark Chocolate bars with infusion/flavoring

Special Release.

Kasama uses Papua New Guinea cacao from Karkar Island for this bar.  The nibs are aged in an oak cask for 4 weeks with Odd Society Distillery's Wallflower Gin, then dried and stone ground with the juniper berries.

Ella's tasting notes: The chocolate melts on your tongue unveiling a medley of botanitcal flavors from wildflower to a forest of evergreens.  They are joined by rich caramel unrefined sugars and juniper.  The bold papua New Guinea chocolate is tamed by the notes of malt and dark sugars.  As the melt progresses, there is a synergy between the chocolate and the juniper that yields licorice notes. Throughout this chocolate journey the flavors come in waves, from floral, dark sugar, juniper, rich chocolate and licorice, then returning to dark sugar, rich chocolate - and all this with the delicate back-drop of gin. This bar is perfectly balanced.

Ingredients: Gin Barrel Aged Cacao Nibs*, Unrefined cane sugar*, Cacao butter*, Juniper Berries