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  • Hawkshead Sriracha Ketchup
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Hawkshead Sriracha Ketchup

295 gram bottle - Lake District, UK

Let's get this off our chests right away: this ketchup has some spicy bite to it. But it is not so hot that you won't like it, and even if you're not a hot person, this is quite pleasing. 

It is not full of so much heat that you will wish for a glass of milk or a mouthful of ice. It won't furrow your brow or even break a sweat. Well, maybe a little moisture shift might happen.

What this ketchup does do is make you happy! Add it to your burger or hot dog, and it will bring out the flavors and make the norm so much better!

There are five versions of chili and pepper in this bottle, perfectly blended with tomatoes, vinegar, ginger, and garlic. 

The result is delicious! You experience this almost cooling effect along with sweetness and tomato, with a finish of the spiciness of the pepper.

Alone, it has just the right amount of pepper flavor in little pinpoints on your tongue, with a swelling in the back of your throat. When it was on the burger, it was ketchup with a punch and a twist—memorable! I am ready for more...

ingredients: acetic acid, tomato puree, sugar, water, red chilli peppers 11%, garlic, ginger, dried cilli 1%, cayanne pepper, salt, chilli powder 0.5%

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