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  • Hawkshead Smoky Black Garlic Ketchup
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Hawkshead Smoky Black Garlic Ketchup

310 Gram Jar - Lake District, England

Smokey Black Garlic

I have no words to describe what's in the bottle. But I will try.

First it is black garlic at the beginning, in the middle and even at the moment you suck your tongue and cheeks in at the end. There is also up front a balsamic vinegar moment.

In between those moments there is a tomato puree feeling that is familiar, but not quite ketchup. It is the smokey that is a bear to describe.

First at the top of the mouth and at the front of the tongue the smokey adds a twist, it's just not "smokey" in your face. It is more like the smokey makes it more round, more developed, really a lot more interesting. It is quite delicious with lots of flavor, though not in an unsocial way.

Use this smokey ketchup like you would any condiment. With abandonment! Go big or go home! Cover your hamburger or your dog, on pasta (maybe) on rice for sure, or a place to dip a steak even. A stir-fry would benefit as would your morning eggs (maybe).