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  • Hawkshead Seville Orange Marmalade
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Hawkshead Seville Orange Marmalade

215 gram jar - Hawkshead - England

A traditional marmalade in England, the slightly bitter Seville orange, is a classic.

I have been craving a good, perfectly toasted English muffin with little crusty peaks and bits, so I can spread it with butter, topped with this marmalade or a mixture of cream cheese and orange marmalade spread.
Seville Orange Marmalade: Pop the top and...

And you will see a flat sea of soft orange jelly. Beneath the gel, you can see the chunks of orange swimming, just waiting to be scooped up with the first spoonful.

To the nose, it is subtle, sensitive, and has the smell of the orange peel. Not exactly a Florida orange, more of a lemon grapefruit orange.

There will be a sparkle as you pull out the first bite.

And the first bite is a mix of solids and quickly disappearing sweetness, just the right amount of sweet gel! And the bite of encased peel is delicious. From the thin strips to little chunks to the big ones, each spoonful is different and the same.

It is these big chunks that share the bitter bits of orange peel while giving you the soft hits of flavor you expect from a marmalade.

As you progress with more spoonfuls, you find the jelly has more than sweetness; it, in fact, carries the Seville orange profile with it. It acts like a jelly wrap around the bits of orange.

On your next bite, you might find yourself dissolving the jelly first and then chowing down on the peel. Or you might not be able to wait and just chew away. Either way, it’s a good mouthful.

This is one of my all-time favorite marmalades! It is not too sweet and not too chunky. From toast to roast to cheese, it is perfect to tuck away in your essential pantry, ready to pull out when royalty visits… if you can wait that long.