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Hawkshead Relish Posh Pickle Sauce

290 gram jar - Lake District, England


Posh Pickle Sauce

It smells like relish, though it doesn't have that sweet relish sugar thing going on.

To the mouth it is everything a pickle relish would want to be. It is pickle-y, it has a natural sweetness to it. It has texture and crunch and just the right twinge of acid.

Somehow Mark has done it again; this is good stuff. Good enough to eat all alone on a spoon ... and it makes you think of all the dogs and burgers that would be happy to have this relish join the party in your mouth!

There are bits of bite in there as well. Though maybe the very best thing here is that this relish is perfect for pouring. No need to find a spoon to scoop and spread (which I dread), instead you just pour!

And that's the way I like to dress my dogs and burgers! Squeeze or pour the condiments on, hold the buns and bite!

ingredients: Gherkins (87%), acetic acid, sugar, onions, mustard seed, garlic, sill (1%), lemon juice, stabalizer (xanthan gum), turmeric, salt