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Hawkshead Relish Hot Beetroot Ketchup

290 gram jar - Lake District, England

Hot Beetroot

The first thing you will see is a vibrant brilliant red that angles towards the purple.

What a wonderful color, really !

To the nose it is more acid than beet, but there is definitely a good beat.

The most fun to this hot beetroot ketchup is the texture. Little bits add to the composition of the feel to the mouth. The texture in the bite to me is special. When you take a bite, the small bits are just right.

The sauce is thick and a bit like ketchup - actually a lot like ketchup with bits - a textured ketchup.

If you squeeze the bite and along with the beet bits you get a sweetness, like a relish. The finish has the hot, though not hot like hot is, instead, it is a twinge of spicy at the back of the throat and has this wonderful overall flavor rolling around the mouth. Just like open flavor fun.

This is fun stuff!

Think perfect for gefilte fish, roast beef or spaghetti squash.

ingredients: water, beetroot (16%), sugar, acetic acid, apples, horseradish (8%), carrots, double cream, garlic, salt, ginger, chili powders, thickener (xanthan gum), white pepper, allspice