Grilled Steak with Saba Recipe


4 beef steaks 

1/4 cup olive oil 

mixed with 1 teaspoon dried thyme 

and a pinch of garlic powder 

Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 


Grilled Steak with Saba Recipe

from Lesa Sullivan


There’s no question that really tasty beef is required here. I like top sirloin or skirt steak for a good meaty flavor. You can also try this with a nice cut of tri-tip or even eye of round, and slice it against the grain in small strips when it’s done.

CHEF’S TIP: Always season your meat (and vegetables, poultry and pork for that matter) a tad bit before you’re ready to cook.

This recipe is best on a grill, but you can also use your oven and cook the meat on a broiler pan - be sure to heat it up first.


1. Salt and pepper the steaks, then brush them with the oil-and-herb mixture.

2. Heat grill until you can hold your hand two inches away from the grate for less than three seconds (this is medium-high heat.). 
Place meat on the grill and space pieces widely apart. Cook meat to your desired doneness (between 8 and 15 minutes) and remove from heat.

3. Let the meat rest a few minutes, then sauce with saba and serve.

This is also delicious sliced very thinly and nestled on a bed of seasonal greens flavored simply with some sea salt and fresh, chopped herbs.

Serves 4