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Goulibeur Broye du Poitou au Cognac (French Shortbread w. Cognac) in Wooden Box

280 gram Cookie/Cake - France


This is one Giant Cookie
The French make a Cognac shortbread that is spectacular!

I believe in dieting by quantity. Don't eat too much. It's ok to eat one piece of pie, or one piece of panettone and one cookie! 

There is just one cookie in this pretty wooden box. And it falls under the "eat only one" rule. 

Different from Scottish or American shortbread, Goulibeur all-butter shortbread is uniquely French inspired by traditional recipes. Like a croissant, it feels French, tastes French and is French. 

Yet it is shortbread. You definitely could eat the whole thing but if you share, Santa will look highly upon your actions and put an extra bar of chocolate in your stocking! (Because the cookie won't fit at 9" across)