General note: As time passes, the garlic will dry out more and more. So, although we bag your garlic into 1/2 pound bags, the weights will go down due to natural desiccation over time. Additionally, the cloves themselves will get drier over time - and although you will lose some gloves to mildew, the majority of the cloves should last until the holidays - or beyond - depending on the year and depending on the variety. But the longer you wait to consume the garlic, the bigger the risk to losing some cloves to mold. Note that mold around the stem does not always translate to mold in and around the cloves.

How you store the garlic also has an effect on if the garlic succumbs to mold over time - it's best to store your garlic in a cool, well ventilated place, away from the sun and moisture. Unlike softneck garlic that you find in the average grocery store and that has been shipped in refigerated transport, never put properly dried hardneck (or softneck) in the fridge. On the otherhand, you can help delay spouting of grocery softneck by storing it in the fridge - where it has already been.

About the Garlic
There are many subspecies of hardneck garlic. The five main varieties we sell include: Rocambole, Purple Stripe and Porcelain. Here is a list of varieties by subspecies.

* Rocambole Subspecies:
Rocamboles are known for their large, easy-to-peel cloves, and their warm and mellow garlic flavor. They all have a medium heat and a sweetness that other subspecies don't have. Varieties include: Killarney Red, Yugoslavian Rocambole, Bailey Roc, Russian Reds, Purple Italian, German Red, Wild Redneck, and Spanish Roja.

* Purple Stripe Subspecies:
Purple Stripes are distinguished by, yes, their purple and white striped skins. Purple Stripes are particularly excellent baked; those in the industry know that they often win the baking taste-tests. Their flavor is noticeably hotter than the Rocamboles. Subspecies include: Chesnok Red, Purple Glazer, Persian Star, Belarus, Bogatyr, and Brown Tempest.

* Porcelain Subspecies:
Porcelains tend to have the fewest and largest cloves - these are the ones Chuck was talking about when he compared them to golf balls! These are all pretty much on the hot side. Porcelains include: Music, Romanian Red, Vostani, Majestic and Georgian Fire.

* Asiatic Subspecies:

Along with the Turbans, Asiatics are the spicyest of the garlic varieties. They are usually harvested early, and have a relatively short storing life. 8-12 fat cloves per head. Asiatics include: Asian Tempest and Japanese

* Turban Subspecies:

Like the Asiatics, Turbans are very spicy when eaten raw. Some of the first to be harvested every year, Turbans also have a shorter storing life than some of the other varieties. Usually 6 cloves per head. Turbans include: Xian

* Artichoke Subspieces:

Artichoke garlic has a milder flavor and may have fewer and larger cloves than silverskin - the main type of softneck garlics you see in the grocery stores. You can store it as long as eight months. Artichoke garlic may occasionally have purple spots or streaks on its skin, but don't confuse it with purple stripe garlic, a hardneck variety that has quite a bit of purple coloring. They are also easier to braid. Artichoke varieties include: Inchelium Red

Normally, fresh hardneck garlic is harvested in July and August and is available to ship anywhere between mid August to mid September - but you never know ... Mother Nature can be very unpredictable. 

Hardneck garlic stores well, and we usually have garlic available through the holidays -- although by then, the selection is often pretty limited if not sold out completely. And although the majority of the cloves continue to become dryer and dryer, the garlic is still very eatable and the flavor very much intact - it just requires a little more elbow grease to get to it. If reserving your garlic in advance, please order your garlic separately from other items you might want right away. Garlic backorders, due to early ordering, are subject to a $2.50 additional shipping fee.

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This is the best liquorice I’ve had since I was in Finland. Yummy!