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  • Francois Pralus Coffee Infernale Bar


Francois Pralus Coffee Infernale Bar

160 gram bar - France

Francois Pralus Coffee Infernale Bar!

It’s a lot of chocolate and coffee at once. Even though it doesn’t taste like coffee, you can tell it is coffee.

The outer layer of chocolate is just the right thickness as it breaks or cuts perfectly creating a bite in the mouth that has just the right feel.

As you start to blend the hazelnut praline and the chocolate the third element comes into play as a tiny crunch (kind of perfect to this mouth) which must be tiny coffee bean fragments.

It is a fun bite!

You can be easily fooled when you take a bite not knowing where all the elements are. You could eat a quarter of a bar before you want to identify everything.

When finished, as you suck at your cheeks and your tongue goes searching for the last bit of chocolate in your mouth, there’s a bit of drying effect that happens from the dark chocolate.

Savor every bite and eat it quickly. Like many things, it is at its best when you first bite into it. Enjoy! And share if you must…