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Flamigni Panforte Margherita

250 grams - Siena, Italy

Please note this is smaller than last year!

Panforte is a specialty of Siena, in the southern most part of Tuscany. Panforte Margherita is the most widely sold Panforte in Italy, named for the first Queen of the then-newly united Italy. Its sweet aroma and lighter flavor, redolent of nuts and candied citrus, proved to be her favorite. Flamigni's version of the traditional panforte is a flat, dense, round cake made with candied orange peel, sugar, almonds, candied citron, candied melon, and spices. 

This panforte margherita contains only a small amount of flour, just enough to hold the cake together. Its richness makes it an energy-filled wintertime dessert. The traditional panforte is especially celebrated during the Christmas holidays. 

ingredients: candied orange peel (orange peel, wheat glucose/frustose syrup, sugar, cirtic acid), sugar, almonds, candied citron (citron peel, wheat glucose/frustose syrup, sugar, cirtic acid) candied melon ( (melon, wheat glucose/frustose syrup, sugar, cirtic acid), wheat flour, wafer (potato flour, water, palm oil) and spices and flavorings. 

Traditional Panforte
from Siena, birthplace of Panforte

Like the stained glass of the Duomo di Siena, a slice of Flamigni Panforte Margherita positively glows. Unwrap the paper wrapping and find a foil bag with a packet of powdered sugar. Open the bag and you will uncover a panforte made in Siena.

Looking like a cake without it's frosting, you see every delicious morsel of candied fruit and nuts in plain site. You "swaddle" in India Tree powdered cane sugar and then slice into thin, thin pieces. The first bite is better than you can imagine. Not hard, but soft, full of flavor and filled with holiday joy!

Made from September to February, we have panforte margherita for sale in November and December. This year we offer one from three brothers, Flamigni. The company was started in 1930, where they continue to produce their specialities in the traditional ways. Using the same ingredients and following the recipes that are over 8o years old.

Where fruitcake, stollen and traditional panforte are similar in their use of candied fruit and nuts, the "feel" of each is wildly different. For me, I like all three, and no holiday is complete without these very special treats!

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This is my favorite now!
When I opened it I was shocked, not what I am used to seeing, naked without some tough skin on top, this after topped with powdered sugar looks better and tastes better to my liking than any of the Panforte's I have had in the last ten years!