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Fallot Honey and Balsamic Dijon Mustard

7.4 oz jar - France

You might not know this, but flavored mustards are amazing. Though nothing can beat the memory of squeezable yellow mustard on a hotdog at a baseball game. There's nothing to say that, in the right situation, flavored mustard reigns supreme.

This honey balsamic Dijon mustard is one of those things.

First, it has some real kick, and you get some heat and fire in the back of your throat enough to make you cough.

Take a small amount on the tip of your tongue and swirl it around on the roof of your mouth. You can taste the honey, you'll feel the balsamic, and then your nose will tingle—all pins and needles—and then your eyes (at least my eyes did) water, and then the back of your throat involuntarily coughs.

This mustard has some punch.

This mustard has some character! This mustard has a lot to offer!

It's full of character, gives you some real kick, makes you think of a glass of water, and leaves you craving for more.

ingredients: water, mustard seeds, sugar, spirit vinegar, honey (7.5%), salt, balsamic vinegar from Modina (3.2% - wine vinegar*, grape must*), potassium metabusulfate (.2%), citric acid, turmeric. *contain sulfites

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